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Guided tour of Český Krumlov

Guided tour of Český Krumlov 


The Old Town sightseeing will make a huge impression on everyone. Some might enjoy the crooked narrow streets full of history. Others will be able to feel the mysterious atmosphere or be surprised to find many opportunities to take photographs. And others will be charmed by the beautiful surrounding nature… Everybody will find their own Krumlov and will want to come back for more… 


I will take you to an approx. 90-minute guided tour – we will visit the old

town, the settlement around the castle and all 5 courtyards. 


Tip: if you wish to experience a different kind of atmosphere, we can arrange the guided tour early in the morning or in the evening and then you can enjoy some mysterious legends of this town.“

Price: 50,- EURO (1,5 - 2 Hours)